A radically new,
transparent way to work.

One-click branding dynamically changes the entire interface to suit your company’s colors.

Global, powerful search finds anything you’re looking for in seconds.

Easily access all your settings from your profile page.

The time tracking widget is always visible so you can keep an eye on the current task.

Taking center stage, the main panel is where you can overview and act upon everyone’s items.


Your company at a glance

All your tasks for today in one convenient place. Of course, overdue and urgent ones come first.

A step by step account of all the daily activity in the company. Every task status, every comment, every file.

A snapshot of what everyone that’s working with you is currently working on.


Your next upcoming events in the projects you’re on.

Recently uploaded files, handy for a quick download.


Plan and allocate work

A birds-eye view of all the activity in all your projects.

A compact view of each user’s task and a quick way to add another one.

A list of all the tasks currently being done by team mates on this project.

For managers and administrators eyes only. Handy to keep some things under wraps.

Not currently working on some of your projects? Archive them and put them out of sight until you need them again.

All the Project’s recently uploaded files in one handy place. Just click to download.


What is everyone working on?

For your eyes only. Perfect for those tasks that need to get done but don’t relate to any project.

All the tasks you need to get on next.

Each person sharing a project with you has their own card showing their next and currently active tasks.

Track any task and here you’ll see their current status. Waiting, started, paused or completed.




How busy is your team?

Your next 3 events are always on display, making them easier to edit.

Daily events always show up on top. You can also mark them as all day events or make them recurring.

To make the work week roomier, we collapsed the weekends. Just click on them to view their details.

The mini-calendar shows at a glance how many events are scheduled for each day. Click a week to put in full view.

Each user shows an occupancy line underneath. If it’s red, it means he’s overbooked.

When a user is overbooked, you can edit some of their tasks and shift them to another day or team mate.


All your documents in one place

All your recently uploaded or downloaded files in one place for quick updates to new versions.


Powerful filters let you find any file by its type, date, or person who uploaded it.

All the files you recently uploaded to active projects are here for quick editing.

All the files related to a project in one card for easier access.

Common Files are company files that need to be kept handy like logos, stationary and forms.


Invite and organize your team

Everyone that works in your company. Just click on anyone to edit their details.


Help is always just a click away. This will take you to our comprehensive user guide.

This collapse button hides the left-hand panel to give more room to the main content area.

Organize your team with Groups and assign them specific projects.

Everyone’s contact info at a glance. Hit follow to follow their tasks, even if you’re not in the same projects.

Plan Work Ahead

Our beautiful planning tool makes it easy to plan tasks ahead. Not only is it very precise, based on tasks instead of allocations, it also automatically shifts tasks to save you work. You get an overview of everything that happens in the company, in the office and remotely, across all your projects. Estimate times on any task and see how they match up to the actual time spent, and keep those budgets tamed.

Easy Task Assignment

Create a task, enter an estimate completion time (1 slot = 30min), select the project it relates to and then assign it to someone on your team.

Ready for Billing

Once you need to bill your client, just enter into a user’s completed tasks details and export their timesheet in CSV format, ready to import into your billing system of choice.

Instant Work Clarity

Let your team know exactly what they need to work on, at any time. When a task is started, everyone knows, so there’s less interruptions and less status meetings. Now everyone will be able to stay “in the zone”.
And that’s a real productivity boost.

Task Tracking

Assign a task to someone else and you’ll be notified when they accept, start, pause and finish it. No more guesswork involved.

Task Broadcasting

Start a task and everyone will be notified. You’ll also be able to see everyone else statuses and how long they started. That means less interruptions and better follow-through.

Real-Time Status

Not only you can track all the tasks that matter to you to be notified of their completion, you can also be notified the second someone adds a comment or uploads a file to it.

Real-time Task Management

Wondering what everyone’s working on? Know the second a task is started, paused or completed - all while everything is automatically time tracked.
This way you always know what your company is up to, in real-time.

Assign Several Tasks at Once

Assign dozens of tasks in one go. Either in the Tasks screen
(it remembers your previous task selections) or in the more productive Project Details screen.

Task Overview

Instantly see what your team mates are up to next to get a real sense of where the team is heading. Even when you’re not in the same room or timezone.

Track Important Tasks

Track any team mate’s task and get notified the instant they’re finished so that you know when to pickup afterwards.

Gentle Notifications

Overwhelmed by notifications? We designed a very gentle system that shows you discreet yellow accents progressively. And if you miss one, everything’s in the activity log.

Workday transparency

Every day you get an email in the morning with your tasks for the day. Only tasks with a start date that day or before will show up. No stress.

All you need to do your job

When someone sends you a task they can also send you all the files you need to get it done. Doubts? Just chat away in the comments. When you’re finished, just attach the final file.

Instant teams without the fuss

Just assign someone a task in a Project and they’ll be part of that team. No need to keep adding people first. And, when they stop having tasks for 30 days, they’ll be out of the project in real-time.

Happy productive teams

Working aimlessly, waiting for others pickup from, or overworking are now a thing of the past. Our calendar shows you exactly how busy someone is each day, letting you adjust their workload in real time.